Custom Canine GeniePlex Form

Diluent Kit
CCS (Cell Culture Supernatant) Diluent Kit
NR (NON-RODENT) SPB (Serum/Plasma/Bodily Fluid) Diluent Kit
TL (Tissue/Cell Lysate) Diluent Kit
Tissue/Cell Lysis Buffer

Canine Group 1 (10 analytes):

Additional Single-Plex Kits (2 Analytes):


Note: Analytes in different groups may be multiplexed together if there is no conflict on the bead regions. To make a query about developing a custom Multiplex panel email, with your analytes of interest, species and sample type.

No. samples:
Flow Cytometers you have access to:
GeniePlex Filter Plate Washer

*Note: A filter plate washer is required for the wash step.

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