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SciencePicture.Co is a science and medical animation company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Their beautiful, professional-quality images have been featured across academic and industrial spheres. From patient education videos to cellular metabolic process diagrams, SciencePicture.Co has experience and expertise in a range of scientific fields and visual communications techniques.  

In a world of increasing complexity having top-notch graphics which convey information in vibrant and memorable ways is crucial. Especially for multi-step procedures, a clear and intuitive visual can explain more about a process than many paragraphs of steps. Whether in a journal article or a product information page, the right images can help make the right impression.

Virus with spikes
A stylised macrophage

Fig 3. Stylised macrophages

Creations for Assay Genie

SciencePicture.Co generously offered to help re-design some of our images, particularly the ones which explained COVID-19 testing. We had struggled to find a graphic designer with the scientific understanding and aesthetic skills to create a graphic which could be both informative and visually pleasing. Michael and his talented team we were able to take our ideas and prototype images to the next level. Conveying a sense of movement in a still image can be quite challenging, and in the case of our lateral flow immunoassay explanation diagram that is exactly what we were trying to accomplish. This was further complicated by the number of reagents and the series of step-wise interactions that take place across the test cassette. Complicated multi-step diagrams were optimised, re-designed, and added to our site within days. We have had fantastic feedback from clients and company leaders alike.

SciencePicture.Co truly went above and beyond to help us. Re-designed COVID-19 immunoassay test images are now live on our site (pictured below). We at Reagent Genie are incredibly thankful for the work they have done for us, and give our sincere and whole-hearted recommendation to their company and services.

Thank you to everyone at SciencePicture.Co!

COVID-19 lateral flow immunoassay

Fig 4. Test cassette for the COVID-19 lateral flow immunoassay

Result lines for immunoassay

Fig 5. Result lines for the lateral flow immunoassay for COVID-19

Fig 6. Lateral flow immunoassay schematic diagram, specific for COVID-19 test.

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13th Apr 2020 Paige Dougherty MSc

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