Pyruvate Assay Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric) (BA0146)

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Detection Method:
Detection Method:
Microplate Reader
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Research Area:
Glycolysis & Carbohydrates
TCA Cycle
Diabetes & Obesity
Food Safety & Analysis
Plant & Environmental Stress
Amino Acid and Protein
Clinical Chemistry
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Pyruvate Assay Kit

Pyruvate is a key intermediate in cellular metabolic pathways. Pyruvate can be converted to carbohydrates via gluconeogenesis, to fatty acids or energy through acetyl-CoA, to the amino acid alanine and to ethanol. Abnormal levels of pyruvate have been linked to liver diseases and metabolic disorders. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring pyruvate concentrations find wide applications in research and drug discovery.

Assay Genie's pyruvate assay uses a single Working Reagent that combines pyruvate oxidase and hydrogen peroxide determination in one step. The color intensity of the reaction product at 570nm or fluorescence intensity at Ex/Em = 530/585nm is directly proportional to pyruvate concentration in the sample.


For quantitative determination of pyruvate and evaluation of drug effects on its metabolism.

Key Features

  • Sensitive and accurate. Use as little as 10 uL samples. Linear detection range in 96-well plate: 2 to 500 uM (17 ug/dL to 4.4 mg/dL) pyruvate for colorimetric assays and 0.2 to 50 uM for fluorimetric assays.
  • Simple and convenient. The procedure involves addition of a single working reagent and incubation for 30 min at room temperature, compatible for HTS assays.
  • Improved reagent stability. The optimized formulation has greatly enhanced the reagent and signal stability.

Pyruvate Assay Kit Information:

Kit Contents Description
Kit Includes:
Enzyme Mix: 10 mL Dye Reagent: 120 mL Standard: 400 mL 25 mM Pyruvate
Kit Requires:
Pipeting devices, centrifuge tubes, Clear flat-bottom 96-well plates, black 96-well or 384-well plates (e.g. Corning Costar) and plate reader
Method of Detection:
OD570nm, or FL530/585nm
Detection Limit:

OD, FL: 2, 0.2 uM

Protocol Length:
20 min
100 tests
Store all reagents at -20°C
Shelf Life:
6 months