TBARS Assay Kit (BA0060)

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TBARS Assay Kit - Information

Assay Genie's TBARS assay is based on the reaction of TBARS with thiobarbituric acid (TBA) to form a pink colored product. The color intensity at 535nm or fluorescence intensity at (ž»ex/em = 560nm/585nm) is directly proportional to TBARS concentration in the sample.


For quantitative determination of lipid peroxides (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, TBARS) and evaluation of drug effects on lipid peroxidation.

TBARS Assay Kit - Key Features

Sensitive and accurate. Linear detection range: colorimetric assay 1 -30 , fluorometric assay 0.1 - 1.5 MDA.

TBARS Assay Kit - Data Sheet

Kit IncludesTBA Reagent: 25 mL Standard: 6 M MDA 10% Trichloroacetic acid (TCA): 25 mL
Kit RequiresPipetting devices, centrifuge tubes, centrifuge, clear flat-bottom uncoated 96-well plates, optical density or fluorescence plate readers, sonicator, water-bath or heat block.
Method of DetectionOD535nm, or FL560/585nm
Detection Limit0.1
SamplesSerum, plasma, urine, saliva etc
Protocol Length80 min
Size100 tests
StorageStore all components at -20 °C
Shelf Life6 months

More Details

Oxidative attack of essential cell components by reactive oxygen species has been associated with several human diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, liver disorders, and inflammatory rheumatic diseases. THIOBARBITURIC ACID REACTIVE SUBSTANCES (TBARS) are low-molecular-weight end products (mainly malondialdehyde, MDA) that are formed during the decomposition of lipid peroxidation products. Increased levels of TBARS have been demonstrated in these diseases. Simple, direct and accurate assays for TBARS find wide applications in research and drug discovery.

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