Histamine Quick Test Strips (BA0199)

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About Histamine:

HISTAMINE(C5H9N3) is a biogenic amine naturally present in many foods and body cells in amounts without toxicological significance. It is also a contaminant mostly found in Scombridae family fishes, such as tuna and mackerel, as well as other seafood products when they are improperly handled or stored. The consumption of foods containing high levels of histamine may lead to an allergy-like food poisoning known as scombroid poisoning.

How our Histamine Quick Test Strips work:

Assay Genie's Histamine Quick Test Strips are based on histamine dehydrogenase catalyzed oxidation of histamine in which the formed electron mediator reduces a formazan (MTT) reagent. The intensity of product color is directly proportional to histamine concentration in the sample.

Key Features:

  • Fast and sensitive. Use of 500 mg of fish or 250 uL of sample.
  • Semi-quantitative measurement between 0-200 ppm (undiluted) Histamine.
  • Sample treatment and assay can be performed in under 15 minutes.

Histamine Quick Test Strip Kit information:

Application: Direct determination of Histamine concentrations in fish and red wine samples.
Method: Visual
Sample: Seafood, wine, milk, etc
Species: All
Procedure: Approximately 15 min
Size: 10 tests
Detection limit:  Semi-quantitative measurement between 0-200 ppm (undiluted) Histamine.
Shelf Life: 6 months
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