Protein Creatinine Ratio Assay Kit (BA0055)

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Protein Creatinine Ratio Assay Kit - Information

The creatinine clearance test has become one of the most sensitive tests for measuring glomerular filtration rate. PROTEIN/CREATININE RATIO (PCR) remains the simplest and most convenient test for proteinuria. Other methods such as 24 hour urine test or timed urine test require strict adherence to sample collection protocol. Since the protein concentration is normalized to creatinine secretion, the urine sample can be taken at anytime and no diet or liquid restrictions are necessary for sample collection.


  • For colorimetric determination of urinary protein and creatinine concentrations (protein/creatinine ratio, UPCR).
  • Direct Assays: Protein creatinine ratio determination in urine samples (rat, mouse, human, not species specific).
  • Drug Discovery/Pharmacology: effects of drugs on protein and creatinine concentration, metabolism, and excretion.

Protein Creatinine Ratio Assay Kit - Key Features

  • Sensitive and accurate. Use 20 uL samples. Linear detection range in 96-well plate: 1 - 20 mg/dL Protein and 1 €“ 150 mg/dL Creatinine.
  • Fast and convenient. No sample pre-treatment is needed. Simple 10- minute "add-incubate-read" procedure.
  • High-throughput adaptable. The procedure can be readily automated for processing thousands of samples per day.

Protein Creatinine Ratio Assay Kit -Data Sheet

Kit IncludesPR Reagent: 24 mL CR Reagent A: 6 mL CR Reagent B: 6 mL Standard: 1 mL
Kit RequiresPipetting devices, centrifuge tubes, clear flat-bottom 96-well plates (e.g. VWR cat# 82050-760), and plate or cuvette reader.
Method of DetectionOD600 and OD530nm
Detection Limit1 mg/dL Protein and 1 mg/dL Creatinine
SamplesUrine samples
Protocol length10 min
Size100 tests
StorageStore all reagents at 2-8°C
Shelf Life12 months

More Details

PROTEINis filtered out of urine by the glomeruli of the kidneys. Albumin is the most common serum protein, thus the majority of the protein in urine is albumin. A damaged kidney will allow some protein through into the urine, the less protein in urine the better. Elevated protein levels in urine is called microalbuminuria or proteinuria, which typically arises due to type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure. CREATININE is synthesized in the body at a fairly constant rate from creatine. In healthy individuals, creatinine secretion is independent of diet and is fairly constant.
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