Therapeutic Drugs and Biosimilars

Assay Genie provides a range of biochemical assays and products to aid researchers maximise their output, including; therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and anti-drug antibody (ADA) ELISA, research grade biosimilar antibodies, and bioactive drug target recombinant proteins.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring ELISA

Optimisation of therapeutic antibody drug regimens requires constant monitoring of the drug itself and responses to the drug. Assay Genie have a wide range of qualitative and quantitative, highly validated, and sensitive ELISA to detect therapeutic drug antibodies pharmacokinetics and ADAs.

  • Quantitative ELISA to detect therapeutic drug antibodies
  • Qualitative and Quantitative ELISA to detect ADAs
  • ELISA to detect free and total ADA

Biosimilar Antibodies

Given the importance of therapeutic antibodies in medicine, it is difficult to obtain therapeutic antibodies for research use over clinical. To circumvent this Assay Genie provide a range of research grade biosimilar antibodies, with high specificity and affinity, that can be used in the research of immune and oncogenic disorders.

Drug Target Proteins

When researching therapeutic antibodies, a source of the drugs target protein can be of great benefit in biochemical assays. Assay Genie provide a range of bioactive recombinant proteins produced in a high tech high throughput mammalian system that limits cross contamination.

  • Extracellular Cell Domain Fusion proteins
  • Haemotological Cancers
  • Immune Checkpoints
  • Solid Tumour Targets
  • Pipeline Immune and oncogenic targets